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Hello, Beautiful Soul, I am happy our paths converged and I can welcome to my healing space!

Everything happens for a reason and if you are here, that might mean one thing- you want to HEAL and RECONNECT to yourself.

Everyone calls me Aiza, however, my full name is Aizada which translates as Moon Child. I am indeed a child of the Moon which loves to read poetry when the moon takes the throne. My REIKI journey began during the apocalypse of 2020, the day I met a wonderful soul named Michelle. She is a Reiki Master and a first-person to introduce me to this miraculous healing modality.

We can all agree that this year has been utterly nuts! It felt as if everything is burning down, yet little did I know- only to be victoriously REBORN. The entire last year I have faithfully devoted to my physical health. I was tired of being constantly tired and coveted to be STRONGER. Even after achieving my body goal, at heart, I was still hollow and sad. I looked completely fine, just like one of those pretty chocolates you see at the shop window. This chocolate might look savoury, though yet filling is not tasty. This is exactly how I felt.

I knew that I desperately needed INNER maintenance to stop existing and start LIVING. I deeply submerged into studying. I went through the scientific explanation of “ why and how do we love” up to the neuroscience, which led me to the books of C.G.Jung a founder of analytical phycology and worldwide known psychiatrist. His fascinating work changed an entire perspective of my way of viewing LIFE.

From day to day, I have been digging deeper into the root of my consciousness and SOUL. I have been working hard to rebuild myself from quite traumatic childhood experiences.

Now picture this: I am in one of my favourite coffee places eagerly talking to a stranger for multiple hours without a halt. We talked through the veil of time and without our shells, that humans usually put when they are outside. This is when it hit me right on the back of my head!

I NEED REIKI, I WANT TO HEAL AND HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME! Just like a collective consciousness, there is collective growth!

If you wish to speak to me personally and cover all other perimeters of REIKI and try it, you are most welcome.

My soul honours your soul. I am grateful that you are here today.

With an unconditional LOVE


Aiza Raimkulova

What is Reiki?

Rei from Japanese translates as “Soul”, and Ki as “Vital Energy”. Reiki is alternative medicine and one of the energy healing modalities, that was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920s. It’s Universal energy, the energy of unity, spiritual energy, that can be transmitted from one person to another to alleviate healing. Reiki is an ancient hand on and off technique for mental and physical relaxation and enhancement.

How can Reiki help you?

Sometimes it’s an overwhelming and quite challenging task to stay balanced and grounded while living your best and active lifestyle. Unbalanced energy in the body might lead to physical, emotional and spiritual distress. These unpleasant factors in their turn contribute to your aura weakening, in this case, with your pierced aura you are becoming prey to all kind of energies floating around you. REIKI therapy can heal every aspect of the body, on mental, spiritual and physical levels.
Through the hands of Reiki healer, you will receive a life force REIKI energy, that will help you to cure yourself.

Reiki Benefits: