Aiza Raimkulova


Self-image Let’s talk about something vital that should be taught in schools, coupled with financial education and emotional intelligence-self image! A correct and upright self-image is a matter of life importance. As you know, your perception builds your reality and forms your personality. Often people form their life views and opinions based on experiences. A …

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Healing path

  THE HEALING JOURNEY Inspired by my own healing journey, I have decided to create this scale. To show you that the healing process is not a linear path. Yesterday I shared with you in IG stories my physical change accompanied by mental metamorphosis. Our mental health directly connected to all parts of our life. It …

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Reiki effect

COMMON FEELINGS AFTER REIKI HEALING Before studying and practising Reiki, I knew the bare minimum about the Universal energy, or perhaps I was simply ignorant and fearful to admit its existence. I accepted only conventional medicine, i.e pills and prescriptions. I didn’t believe in my body innate intelligence and the power of the mind. I …

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