Let’s talk about something vital that should be taught in schools, coupled with financial education and emotional intelligence-self image!

A correct and upright self-image is a matter of life importance. As you know, your perception builds your reality and forms your personality. Often people form their life views and opinions based on experiences. A person who was hurt numerous times most probably will see the world through the prism of survival. It takes a tremendous amount of will and self allegiance to break through the veil of distorted perception.

Without awareness, we self-hypnotize ourselves to be and behave in a certain way. At an early age, our parents, teachers and friends contribute to our self-image. Let’s assume that your teacher utterly gave up on you and said that you are not good at math because you have a different type of brain. In turn, you will solely accept the statement and will not even try to understand the subject. You will believe in what your teacher told you and save it in your subconscious mind as truth. Onwards you will make decisions in accordance with the newly adopted statement. Your brain will not attempt to look for ways of fixing this mathematical issue because if it tries, then it goes against the wind, i.e in the opposite direction of the newly birthed truth. Due to the new belief being anchored in every cell of your being, you will not be ‘’dishonest” with yourself and prove that you are good at math. You will proceed to fail and keep on not getting the subject to stay truthful to the statement. As complicated as its sounds- it is actually easily comprehended.

Our brain is a logical, straight forward and submissive machine that is controlled by our mind. The subconscious mind creates the settings and installs them into our brain.

We can literally drive ourselves to the grave or lift to the skies just by thinking. The power of the mind is indeed mighty, as it is capable of demolishing everything on the way like a tornado or building a solid foundation and fertile soil for ultimate growth.

I will tell you about one case from the experiment conducted on different people from different backgrounds. A weightlifter let’s name him John believed, and convinced himself that he can’t lift above 250 pounds. Guess what happened?  For various reasons, through multiple excuses, he never managed to lift above the mentioned weight. There was always something standing in his way, whether it’s the lower back pain, or not enough sleep, or a bad mood. His subconscious mind programmed his brain to follow the installation. The next thing that happened is that he began to visit a hypnotherapist. Getting into his subconscious mind therapist found the root of the problem. Johns father used to raise him in a competitive environment and always measured his success in miles. By the way, I am not going to talk about childhood traumas yet, though, it’s all interestingly intertwined in a knot. Let’s just leave this piece of cake for later.

 After a couple of failures in his childhood, John sealed in his mind the idea that he is not good enough and will be always below the bar. He had no clue how deeply this idea was affecting and infecting his personality and life. He willingly placed himself into the position of always being behind.

Isn’t this story screams volumes? Imagine for a second how much he could have achieved, if only he had the right perception and adequate self-image. How many opportunities he missed because he talked himself out of success, out of choices, which could have led him to be above the bar.

The way we perceive ourselves is the way we live. It is never too late to have a little self-talk and start working on yourself.  Have you been rejected? Have you been left out? Has it happened to you, not once but multiple times? If the answer is yes

Maybe it’s time to think and analyze why the same scenario keeps on emerging over and over again, the same person in different skins continue to appear in your life and mess it up. Give yourself a chance to see the true you. Change your life by correcting your self-image.

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