what are CHAKRAS and why are they important?

Chakras are energy points in the body. There are 7 most commonly known and acknowledged chakras, that refer to various parts of the body, spirit and mind. They flow through the base of your spine up to the crown of your head. Each of these “wheels of life”’ has its related element, colour, mantra and affirmation. For my little science lovers-YES, chakras vibrations can be measured and scientifically proved to be existing. Do not forget, that every person vibrates at their specific frequency, that is the reason you might like or dislike someone’s VIBE. We are not only made from blood and flesh but atoms and elements.


*ROOT chakra (MULADHARA) represents our basic needs and sense of security.

*SACRAL chakra (SVADHISTHANA) helps us to connect to others, accept and be creative

*SOLAR PLEXUS chakra (MANIPURA) is responsible for our emotional connection and ability to control our life

* THROAT chakra (

VISHUDDHA) has to do everything with speaking our truth, i.e communication abilities

*THIRD EYE chakra (AJNA) is the centre of intuition. It helps us make decisions and trust ourselves

CROWN chakra (SAHASRARA) is the chakra of the divine. It represents our ability to connect to our higher self and be spiritually enlightened.

This little insight might help you to understand the importance of CHAKRA balance. And we are at square one- REIKI healing energy is capable of restoring the balance.

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