Short History of REIKI and FACTS

Earlier I have briefly mentioned that REIKI was channelled by Dr Mikao Usui. Why not discovered first hand you may ask? I will answer your question by providing you with a ground-breaking, yet simple example. Whenever you accidentally hit a corner of a sofa or develop a headache or even struggling from a broken heart, what is the first instinctive thing you do? You put your hands around physical or metaphorical wound! Entire humanity has been practising HEALING from the beginning of times, yet we have estranged from our true nature and have forgotten about the natural medicine right until Dr Usui gracefully reminded us about it. He wanted to find a method of healing that was accessible to everyone and not attached to any religion. Dr Usui left his village for 21 days to isolate himself, to meditate, to fast, to pray and cleanse. After his miraculous journey he had experienced enlightenment, he saw the light and felt entirely whole. He also saw REIKI symbols that are now extremely important in USUI Reiki system of healing. He then moved to Tokyo and have established a Reiki Healing clinic and school. His desire to share knowledge and humanitarian calling helped many people since and continuing. The knowledge and enlightenment have been travelling across the continents, through years and people.


*In 2011 a group of Yale doctors conducted a study to see the effect of Reiki energy on patients who went through a heart attack. The group that received Reiki treatment recovered faster and had a lower return rate, than the group that received just a conventional treatment.

*A REIKI station was set up to treat firefighters and volunteers at ground zero of 9/11 tragedy.

*In the many USA and UK Oncology Centre’s patients are receiving REIKI treatments to ease the pain

*In many hospitals in Russia Reiki is included in a rehabilitation program

*Reiki is worldwide recognized as Holistic Medicine and alternative therapy.   

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