Reiki Healing

I offer In-person & Distant Reiki Sessions

Duration of the session is 90 minutes. For the first 15 minutes, we will discuss your desires and ultimate SPIRITUAL GOALS regarding your Reiki journey. I will be all heart there to focus on your healing. For the next 45 minutes, I will channel life force energy and send it to you through my hands. Your energy restoration and mental relaxation will be accompanied by abundant THETA brain waves playing in the background. The Reiki Room will be gently scented with sacred Palo Santo or woody Sage. Kindly inform me in case of any allergies. For the last 30 minutes, we will talk over your received feelings and emotions and go through your chakra analysis and recommendations on their balance.

Distant Reiki Healing

If for some reason you can’t book live Reiki session, there is another equally great option you can avail, which is Distant Reiki. You got it right! Universal energy will be sent to you distantly. Energy doesn’t abide by the law of time and space, hence it is as efficient as the live session. Not to mention, you can be in your comfortable environment! To accommodate deeper relaxation you can light a scented candle and turn on the playlist with beautiful healing frequencies.

I will use Reiki symbols to enter your energetic field and a pure intention to channel universal life force energy and direct it in your way. In your natural habitat absorbing universal energy, you will be freely releasing all the worries and unbinding the energetical knots.

Session timing is 90 minutes long.


Booking and common information before the session

To compliment meditative state of mind wear loosened clothes and let your body freely float. A few days before your session try to consume more HIGH VIBRATIONAL FOODS to raise your consciousness and make your energy concentrate on something else than the stomach.

Everything depends on your mental state and subconscious voice. You might think you are alright and experience sudden burst into tears during the session. You might as well start laughing for no particular reason. Likewise, physical feelings might differ from one another. A rush of heat or cold shakes might confuse you, however, do not be afraid. There is an explanation for this, your body is attuning to the energy on a CELLULAR LEVEL. Sometimes you might not even feel a thing, but Reiki energy already doing its job.

In-person & Distant Reiki session duration is 90 minutes (Energy Healing Session + Chakra Analysis)


In-person Reiki Session AED 280

Distant Reiki Session AED 250

A package of three sessions is available after introductory session.