grounding exercises


The world is made up of electromagnetic currents, and that includes our bodies. If you put one flower in the pot and leave the other to bloom in the ground, eventually you will notice subtle differences between them. The grounded flower will be stronger and healthier since it will absorb the energy of the Earth.  As bioelectric beings, humans too need to have grounding connection to the earth. By increasing electrical charges we emit electrons, which neutralize diseases and automatically raise our vibrational frequency. Even a couple of minutes of standing on the ground, charge our bodies with vital life force energy.


Earthing helps us to be present and mindful towards our physical bodies. Being present is being focused and not living in fear (past) or anxiety (future). When we are grounded, we feel centred, calm, confident in our power and worry-free.


BREATHE. Through breathing, we connect to the Universe. Inhale while counting on 5, and exhale on the same count. Repeat 3-10 times

STAND on the ground. Feel soles of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, tummy, chest, neck, head and arms. Pay close attention to tactile sensations in your body. Repeat 3 times.

LOOK. Name 3 things you see and like.

SMELL. Describe one smell you can sense.

TOUCH. Feel the fabric with your hands and think about how it feels.

LISTEN. Concentrate on the sounds one by one.

Ground yourself and be present here and now!

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