inner goddess guide


Your inner Goddess is the most natural and sacred part of your soul. Her energy is divine, her love is fearless, her intuition is strong, and her power is abundant. She is the connection to our higher selves and spiritualism.


1)      Be sensitive, sensual and empathetic. Permit yourself to express all of your F E E L I N G S. Enjoy the gift of being able to feel everything on such a high level. Listen to how others feel and share your feelings as well. Work on developing your emotional intelligence and use for good.

2)      Empower other W O M E N Goddesses and be empowered. See every other woman as a soul sister and child of the Universe. Remember, your only competition is your old self. Together we rise and create. We are all unique and beautiful in our ways. Educate each other, complement each other, work together and let your Inner Goddess be true to herself.

3)      Enjoy physical pleasure through Sacred Energy Exchange (S E X). Feel and accept every part of your body, let go of prejudices, connect to your partner and express mutual act of pure love and passion. Let him/her/them see your naked soul. Sex is a soul art and one of the ancient forms of connection.

4)      Open your H E A R T. Love fearlessly and unapologetically, love as if it’s the last act you could perform. Use your hearts full capacity and be free from fears and pain.

5)      Mend your being with N A T U R E. Explore the woods, countrysides and parks. Look at every tree and listen to the Universal language. Switch on your six sense and allow your Inner Goddess to feel her power and fragility. You and nature are inseparable particles.

I hope this post was interesting and made you think and feel. Tell me about your tips of reconnecting to your INNER GODDESS

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