Psychosomatics( from Greek “psycho” translates as “soul” and “soma” as the body”) is a direction in medicine and psychology that exists from the last century. It studies and explains the influence of emotional stress, distress and psychological problems on the physical condition.

When your mind is failing to listen, and your heart is failing to understand, the body starts to uncover what is wrong through psychical pain to get your attention. This thing probably happened to many of us. I will share with you my personal experience, that took place from my teen years. I grew up with quite an authoritative father and chose to be silent for many years, yet my soul was full of resentment. Every bloody month I would get angina, laryngitis and horrendous neck pain for no reason. My throat chakra was not just blocked it was underdeveloped. I have visited multiple hospitals and all I was getting antibiotics and an uncertain prognosis. Our body is not an enemy, its always trying to help us and let us see something we didn’t want. It has an innate intelligence that allows us to survive without putting much effort.

Check out the brief chart above and make a self-note. Let this post bring more mindfulness towards your soul, mind and body needs!

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